Disappearing Pain

In my Wed. night Yamuna Body Rolling class, last fall, we did an hour of work with the balls to release the shoulders, rib, cage and neck. When we finished and I asked the students how they felt, one student said, “My arm is numb.” I was puzzled. This had never happened at the end of a YBR session. When I questioned her further, she said, “I can’t feel my arm.” So I touched her arm and asked her if she could feel my touch. She said that she could and then a smile appeared on her face. She told me that she was always in pain in her shoulder and arm, and it was gone. She was so used to feeling pain that when it disappeared, she didn’t “feel” her arm and shoulder and interpreted it as numbness, and then, no feeling. She then realized how long she had lived with that pain – and what a relief not only that it was gone, but that she now possessed the tools to disappear it herself. The beauty of Yamuna Body Rolling is that it empowers the student to do self-deep-tissue release, whenever the need arises.

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