Meditation Practice: Another Benefit, Being Comfortable with Uncertainty

In our ongoing search for security and comfort – which often takes the form of wanting to know what is going to happen, we generate suffering. But so much of life is about dealing with the unknown, change, and unexpected circumstances. As much as we’d like to know what’s coming, we just don’t, and rather than accepting this ever-changing relative reality that human beings live in, we struggle, resist, and we suffer. Every unexpected event is an opportunity to build mental, emotional flexibility and strength and to connect with the stillness and consciousness that is always available. We develop the skills of being comfortable with not knowing through meditation, formally, and with moment-to-moment mindfulness as we meet the challenges of each day. We can all do this with the simple ancient tools that yoga and meditation have to offer us. Research continues to show more and more specific benefits in terms of wellness resulting from a practice of meditation.

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