Ultimate Healing through Meditation

When we sit and neutrally observe from nonjudgmental Witness Consciousness, we are healed on the ultimate level. According to Peter Fenner (Radiant Mind) and the tradition of nonduality, just being or just sitting heals us because it penetrates and dissolves the basis of all illness, which is the story that something is wrong and that things need to change. The story that “this isn’t it” and that things need to be better or different is the fundamental illness that we live in.

When we are resting in pure consciousness, no matter what our condition, we no longer experience ourselves as damaged, deficient, or limited. In this state, it is not possible to suffer. Meditation heals us by penetrating through layers of conditioning, dissolving fixations and attachments and enabling us to be less reactive, to release fears and to overcome insecurities. We become less disturbed by changing circumstances and events.

The more time we spend resting in pure consciousness, where nothing is missing, where it is impossible for us to create anything as a problem, the naturally we move into letting go of all effort and struggle and connect with this moment. It’s here now.

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