Back Pain and Your Feet

Many people come to yoga therapy due to chronic back pain. I will ask them to walk around as they normally do (but in their bare feet.) Frequently, it quickly becomes obvious that the cause of their back pain is mechanical as they are taking impact into parts of the foot that are not primarily designed to be weight-bearing. Before painful foot problems manifest, back pain will develop as the result of improper walking patterns. Here is a classic quote from Ida Rolf, “A man’s tracks tell quite a true story. They inform quietly about ankles and knees, but they shout the news about hips and pelvis. If one foot is consistently everted (tilted onto its inner edge,) the ankle, the knee, or perhaps more likely, the entire pelvic basin is rotated.”

When the foot collapses or distorts, the strain and impact travels up into the hip joints and the back and a strong pull or torque may develop, side to side or back to front resulting in pain. We begin to balance the back and align the posture by bringing balance to the structure of the feet. The Yamuna Foot Wakers and Foot Savers offer us revolutionary tools for realigning the feet and therefore the posture. In just one session, students feel the changes and releases from the feet all the way up into the neck and often the pain is diminished or disappears.

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