Do Not Take Your Body for Granted

“As you age, you’d better toughen up because it doesn’t get easier.” When I heard Robert Thurman say that, it immediately resonated for me. It also brought home the truth of not knowing, as we do not know from day to day what will happen. The girl scout motto “be prepared” is great advice. We can prepare for the unknown with awareness and not take this brief but valuable time we have for granted. This includes the body, as well as the mind, and spirit.
We are often shocked when unexpected things happen that are difficult and painful. We ask ourselves, “How did this happen to me?” Many of these events are out of our control. Things happen. The question is how do we prepare for both the expected and the unexpected?
Aging is one of the expected aspects of our lives that we can prepare for. If we just DO NOTHING and expect to age well, we are in denial. Good nutrition and supplements will help, but if you are not intelligently working with your body, strengthening it and increasing flexibility with a practice that is appropriate for your specific needs, why are you surprised when your body breaks down? We take better care of our cars than we do of our bodies. Most of us do not wait for our cars to break down before we begin maintenance.
If we begin now with some simple practices and make them a part of our daily lives, we will develop the ability to live our lives with strength, flexibility, and resilience. Look at your priorities when you are “too busy” to practice and know that you always have a choice.

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