Back Therapeutics

If you have chronic back, neck, or shoulder pain, you are not alone.  Eighty per cent of men and women will experience back pain in their lifetimes.  The back, neck, and shoulders are so connected that some people experience pain in all three areas.

My years of experience both as a teacher and as a person who sustained back and neck injuries from a car accident have enabled me to provide you with the tools to strengthen, stabilize, stretch, and relax your back and free it from pain and strain.

Here are a few of the most common sources of back, neck, and shoulder pain:

  • Mechanical issues that often start with the feet and lead to postural misalignment
  • Muscular imbalances that lead to changes in the curvature of the spine
  • Chronic stress and tension
  • Lifestyle issues such as improper sitting and poor posture
  • Disk degeneration and herniation
  • Improper workouts at the gym that create strain and pain

My work centers on empowering you to take care of yourself through simple practices that may include yoga, Yamuna® Body Rolling, Lumbar Stabilization and Strengthening, deep relaxation, and meditation.  Done at home on a daily basis, these practices can give you relief from pain, increased strength and flexibility, improved posture and breathing, and greater energy.

Please note that while self-care is the best treatment for the majority of people who experience back, neck, and shoulder pain, there are certain symptoms that may be signs of more serious conditions and that should be thoroughly checked out by a medical professional.