Yamuna© Body Rolling

Yamuna® Body Rolling is an integral part of the therapeutic work I do with my clients because it can prevent and heal injuries. Deep and profound releases are possible as soon as you begin working with the Yamuna® balls.  The balls are small, 6 to 10 inches with “half” balls for the feet.

Yamuna® Body Rolling works the way a hands-on practitioner works – only using a ball, which replaces hands as it moves on muscles to stretch and penetrate them. This action creates space, and it is why body rolling makes positive structural changes as fast as it does.

Unlike other ball exercises, Yamuna® Body Rolling goes far beyond random movement and stretch.  It allows you to work specific muscles in detail and has the potential to create positive, permanent changes in the body.

Yamuna® Body Rolling will benefit you by giving you:

  • Greater range of motion, muscle length, muscle tone, and circulation
  • Improved quality and functioning of bones
  • Freedom from old restrictive patterns and injuries
  • Stress reduction—because it promotes deep and soothing responses in the nervous system
  • Increased balance and equilibrium–because the core muscles are engaged to keep you working and balanced on the ball
  • Increased lung capacity and fuller use of the breath