Yoga for Athletes

Whether you are a professional athlete, or someone who engages in moderate to light exercise, there may be issues that prevent you from maximizing your progress and reaching your goals. These range from muscle stiffness, lack of flexibility, and pain to limitations due to an injury. Most sports put great stress on the body. Learning to work with the body more efficiently, while maintaining the integrity of an extended, well supported spine is essential to injury-free, pain-free sports activity.

I work with athletes who have developed issues with joints, muscles, and misalignments due to repetitive stress from their workouts, whether it’s knees, ankles, hips, back, shoulders. We often begin with foot fitness, in order to develop proper alignment for the whole body. Using both yoga and Yamuna Body Rolling, the fascia are deeply released – preventing further injury and promoting healing.

Awareness of the breath and the ability to relax allow the athlete to fine-tune his or her focus. Meditation teaches the skills of focusing the mind and leads to improved athletic performance as well as stress management. Body and mind are inseparable, and the holistic approach of yoga gives attention to both.