“Working with Susan Morton to manage my plantar fasciitis through therapeutic work on the Yamuna Foot Wakers and Savers has been invaluable. She gave me a routine that stopped the pain of plantar fasciitis dead in its tracks. This has given me the freedom to walk around NYC – why live in NYC if you can’t walk everywhere in this wonderful town!”

“In addition to saving my hitta mer information feet, she has worked closely with my husband who survived a stroke in 2009. Their work with the Foot Wakers has made such a difference in his gait and speed. It helps him balance and distribute his weight to the affected side – transformative!”
ES, Entertainment Industry, NYC

“Susan Morton has improved the quality of my life enormously. I came to her in pain after three foot surgeries, with shoulder trouble, back trouble, and the debilitating effects of the computer-oriented working life. Not only does she provide effective therapies for what ails the aging body in the moment, she teaches her students how to understand and relieve their own aches and pains and avoid further injury.”
Montclair, NJ

“In mid November of 2010 I met Susan Morton of the Yoga and Meditation Center of Montclair. I met with her to learn how yoga could help to rehab a recent back injury. In just one session the remarkable gift of Yoga and Yamuna Body Rolling under Susan’s guidance was revealed. The answer to my sore, tight muscles was in her studio.”
Karen Lee
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“A private session with Susan Morton is actually giving your body an incredible gift. Susan is naturally intuitive and has many skills and techniques to offer you both physically and spiritually . She has saved my life more than once by helping me through hard times and I am and always will be eternally grateful to her.”
Pat M.
Little Falls, NJ

“Your instruction has had wonderful results on my walking, balance, limberness, and general optimism about growth and change. Thank you.”
Montclair, NJ

“You have gently nudged me into new frontiers and encouraged me to test and surpass my imagined limitations. This has provided for me tremendous growth in a very short time. For this I thank you with an open heart. May your brightness and warmth continue to encourage others in similar ways”.

Your studio, Susan, is like a candy store for my back right now. There is so much to learn and finally I feel I am on the right track in what is correct for me.”
Donna N.

“I have learned so much from Susan Morton about choices, connecting with both inner and outer strength, and with the girl within who still wants to stretch, flex, and bend like she used to, while studying her senior citizen card. The possibilities are endless with the training and wisdom of the most knowledgeable of teachers, whose creativity supports my intentions and growth.”
Montclair, NJ

“I have been studying with Susan and the teachers she’s trained for 35 years, and I really appreciate the way the work they have done with me has evolved as my body has changed. I have been able to maintain a practice that has strengthened and stretched my body with no fear of injury. At each stage, Susan has both challenged and supported me, so that at age 71, I still feel youthful and energetic.”
Ellen K.
Montclair, NJ