The Process

The purpose of my work is to empower people to care for themselves in very specific ways.  My intention is that clients will gain a deeper understanding of connections in their own bodies and of the powerful mind/body connection.  The work is multi-dimensional because we are multi-dimensional beings.

 Some people come to me in pain:  foot, back, hip, neck, and shoulders.  Others come because they want to effectively deal with stress.  Some people come because they want the individual attention that is not possible in a group situation.

I use modalities that complement each other, like yoga and Yamuna® Body Rolling, and relaxation and meditation techniques for stress management and spiritual development.  It depends upon what you want and need.

For each client I create a unified plan, working with aligning, stretching, and strengthening the body, and making it as functional as possible.  Often, a client finds that deep relaxation and meditation add a deeper dimension in terms of releasing long-held tensions in the body whether from repetitive stress to the joints, bones, and muscles, chronic muscular contractions, postural distortions – or from conditioned, habitual ways of thinking.  Your session may include any of the following: Hatha Yoga, Yamuna Body Rolling, Yamuna Foot Fitness, Lumbar Stabilization and Strengthening, Restorative Yoga, Meditation – whatever your focus at the time of our sessions.

We proceed at a pace that works for you.  After completing a session, you will receive via email, a summary of what we did with specific instructions for integrating the practice into your life.